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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Feeling lazy

Boy, did I have a great sleep last night!! It was so difficult getting up this morning that I didn't.........well, not for ages. Tim appeared with a cup of tea for me around nine, and then the cats snuggled onto the bed beside me, then I put my ipod on, and before I knew it it was almost ten o'clock! Obviously my body felt it was necessary, so who am I to argue with that? I rarely sleep in, but seeing that there was nothing pressing to be done today, and nowhere to be, and everything in order, my lazy self won the toss.

A quick word about the Champions League: 3:1 to Barcelona...........commiserations to Man U but what a great game!! Such a privilege to watch these two teams play against one another. There's always next year..

Just been busy downloading a couple of albums for my ipod. It is going to explode soon from the amount of music I'd love to keep on it but don't have the space for. My ultimate gift right now would have to be an ipod classic............wonder if Santa is listening whilst sleeping through the summer ????? Maybe I could whisper it in one of the reindeers ears.............pleeeeeeese?

But back to today. I was hoping for sunshine but not to be. Tomorrow would also be nice if it was sunny as I am away all day, and I hate driving in the rain and wind. Fog is the very worst weather for driving - I seem to have the most difficulty in fog as it compounds my very poor night vision problem. Luckily that usually keeps itself to the winter months so no worries.  I need to be gone just after the rush hour traffic has got past Amsterdam, and back either before or after it has done the return trip. Tim has 3 days placement as school is closed, so he will be away early doors as usual. He had a nice final day at Action, is sad to leave but excited to be starting a new phase in his work experience. The shocking realisation that 18 and adulthood brings with it responsibility, mail, claims on your hard earned cash, unfairness in his eyes, is hard to watch unravelling, but he has to learn, and it aint going to ever be easy again!!! At least he has PinkPop to look forward to this month - I know he will have a brilliant time there!

Me? I'm looking forward to seeing my friends this week. You too.
Sue xx

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