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Monday, 2 May 2011

What to do on a non bank holiday?....

when the wind is cold and the only place the sun is shining warmly into is your study? WORK!!!

I am working:- on my essay, on my case study, on sending important e-mails about study funding etc, at the same time as washing the quilt from the spare bed, our own bed, the cats bed, Uncle Tom Cobbley 'n all's bed!!! everything that looks like it needs washing...................drinking copious cups of coffee, thinking about having some lunch, wondering about doing a spot of shopping or waiting until I get to work tomorrow, running up and down stairs every time the washing machine beeps......looking up recipes, reading about meat that is not called Chicken ( is there any other?...) and acting as referee every time Finka bats poor old Genghis on the head or sits astride him on his windowsill cushion and bites into his neck!!!!!
Sue xx

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