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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Her royal historic-ness

The Queen finally ended 100 years of royal absence from Ireland with her landmark visit this week. I wasn't expecting to feel so moved by it, but I am. There is too much hatred and conflict and old, open  wounds in this world, and if an 85 year old monarch can wear green, bob her head and lay a wreath in tribute, then it is all good. Respect, your Majesty.

The rain continues to pour down, and this morning me and the cats were in bed until 10.30am!! Crikey - that's nothing for you, Suzanne, you are all thinking, but I must have needed it. I crept into bed last night at 8.30pm so it was a mega-sleep. I can only tell you that I feel better for it, even though I am not yet fully functioning! The coffee is helping but hey, it's decaff...what can it really do?

Yesterday I had a sudden rush of blood to the head and thought " I know - I'll ask Ineke! " We have been busy lately with my case studies but I also have to write two essays and I do love a good cover. It's boring just writing page after page without a little light design thrown in. I still have to think about what to add to the straight-laced, professional essay..........but my inner growth one was just begging to be prettied up! Ineke came up with the goods in no time at all! I now have a beautiful page with poem an' all - thank you so much.

This morning - what's left of it - I am dedicating to reading my other lovely books - especially these two:
James Martin's 'Desserts' and 'At Elizabeth David's Table'. I was overjoyed to find James has included recipes I loved as a child, and always wanted to know how to make - Cinder Toffee, for one! I adore this!! It is a super book because he covers all the basics before moving on to the more complicated and spectacular. I love my Mary Berry and have used it over and over again, but this one is coming a close second.........wait......no...yes! ice cream recipes - baked alaska - crumbles - everything we love!! A rival indeed.
Well, having said that I am reading books - that's what I am going to do!
Sue xx

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