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Monday, 23 May 2011

Tried it for a while

but then I realised that I am still not in the mood for a busy blog background!! So changed it back to this one; more tranquility is what I obviously am still searching for! Just been reading about the Icelandic ash that is wafting over Britain in the coming hours - beautiful photos on the internet when you just look at the sky, but then you see the animals suffering under it and the people trying to care for them, and you think about the wider implications of it, and it grows like Topsy I'm afraid. Will it be managed any better this year than last time? Is it getting to be a regular occurrence? Can we expect more of these natural events in the future? What's happening to our world? There is a thin line between the beauty of it and the monster within waiting to explode. Let's hope it is not worse than it has to be, anyway.
I finally had the much anticipated parental 'chat' with Tim's mentor today, over the phone, but to be honest I was happy to hear that everything is going ok. He had positive things to say in all areas of his work, his placement report had been excellent, and all in all, Tim is hanging on in there!!! Of course, when Tim tells it, it all sounds completely different - hence the need to take the balanced approach to school still. He has his first practical exam coming up this Friday, so that will sort the men from the boys!! I am working all day so that is probably a good thing - stop me fretting at home! We are on a promise to ourselves when he passes.............................

The Gingernuts proved such a success they were devoured in hours! Going to have to make some more I think.  Today I got through the entire day on my diet without one single deviation. Pat on the back for me! I have a little slip of paper on the side of the fridge with my motivational words staring at me every time I get near it, so that, together with my mindset being one of achieving my goal this week, it ought to be ok. Tomorrow I have to go out for a while, Wednesday I am working in the afternoon and then eating at my friends but have asked for chicken and salad, Thursday potentially not good for dieting as I am home alone all day, but Friday back to work, so then we will have reached the weekend - yey! I am out all day on Monday 30th and my goal is to be a little lighter before that appointment comes around - 4 kilos if possible is my target. I find if I think too far ahead or set my goal too low,  it becomes something terrifying and impossible to imagine or achieve. So thinking in tiny bite-sized time frames works the best for me. I have a secret, doesn't dare to be spoken about, wishful, desirable end result; of course I do, but let's not go there right now. The 4 kilos off has to come first!
Sue xx


Yudith said...

Hi Sue, going to visit, I read in English first and then I happened to Google translator so much better understand your writing. I hope you achieve your goal down 4 kilos Luck!

Suzanne said...

thanks, Yudith!! I'm holding on!! xxx