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Saturday, 14 May 2011

The big Night!

Yes, I am a sucker for Eurovision I'm afraid!!! Just been listening to one or two of the favourites this year - and although I like the French entry, it is not really hitting the mark for me.....a bit too operatic for what is essentially a lightweight competition. If he is going to enter then where is Alfie for the UK??????
I prefer the catchiness of Blue's 'I Can' and I do think it ought to get into the top 5 this year. Disappointing that Holland missed the final again this year as it was not a bad entry and better than a lot that have gone before. I did think they stood a good chance of getting through with their entry, but it was not meant to be.
Those two Irish twins Jedward are looking popular and their style is young, hip and modern so a popular choice for many I suspect. Don't know - it is always anybody's game, a bit of pot luck, and we have to just wait and see................

This morning I have been working on my second case study since this one has to be more detailed and involved and I want a 10!!! I am doing a specific phobia this time - or irrational fear, which is great as I love this sort of thing! Can be pretty irrational myself!!!! ;-) ( no, you don't need to agree)! I am a fan of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which is what makes this interesting to research and write about. I have always felt it tied in perfectly with all my experience as an Occupational Therapist since we were working with clients to change behaviours, learn new skills, adapt to new situations, and function to an optimal level within their chosen lifestyle. And I am a great Thinker - guess what I need to have as my front sheet????!!!
Suddenly came to me that it has to be Rodin's Thinker, with my fave quote from Shakespeare:
' there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. ' Don't you just love it?!!
Ach, have to amuse myself somehow! I've been doing the research part all morning so have to sit down and try and make some sense of it later in the weekend. At the moment I am trying to work out how to get a circle on a page, which is in 10 segments, so that I can add it to my essay..................any offers?
Sue xx

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