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Friday, 27 May 2011

What is it about music?!

Sometimes I turn on the radio and it plays a song that is so appropriate for my mood or what I am thinking about it is uncanny. Last night we had choir and after learning a new song intensively we moved on to a few we do sing regularly, and their words hit the spot every time!! The Longest Time by Billy Joel for instance!!! In the car this week I have been belting out my Janni CD - I used to listen to it  on my way to work interspersed with Wogan when I was back in the UK.  A good, sunny, melodic, happy CD that sounds wonderful turned up loud!! No boom, boom, boom just great melodies. I am having a lyric-free 10 days!! ( I wonder why )??? I tried a couple of other ones but this morning, in the rain, with the storm clouds a-gathering I think a burst of Janni is definitely called for!

Tim is on his way to Wageningen  for his first practical exam. I sent him on his way with some white chocolate & nut cookies and a card wishing good luck from all of us. It is a long day when you have to travel so far before you sit your exam. He left home at 05.10am and the exam is at 10am so about 4 and a half hours travelling time is involved both ways. I just hope they get there ok, it all cooks beautifully, and he passes. We'll know on Monday......good thing I am working today, less time to fret!!
Sue xx

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