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Monday, 23 May 2011

Monday starts the week off right with sunshine!

It was a strange day yesterday with wind and rain and mega clouds and then sun and blue skies........but this morning  I woke up to blue again so I am happy. Hoping that the dust cloud from Iceland doesn't head this way and block it all out again!
I was busy most of the day with my study, so it didn't matter about not being able to be outside. We have a better time indoors! Got a lot done in a funny kind of way - sometimes it is just that small insight or different approach to something that helps us both to progress. I like that. My second case study was good, too, so that can be ticked off my 'to do' list although having sat there yesterday and gone through all the checklist of what has to be completed this year, we both realised we had plenty to do still. Ah well, keeps me busy.
I am enjoying this new CD by Hugh Laurie by the way - something different but very pleasant to listen to. I seem to be driving in and out of Amsterdam for one or another reason right now, so my CDs are stacked in the car and the sound is brill when I turn it up quite loud!! Makes the drive so much nicer. I suspect I am subtly being 'coached' around the city centre to places new and interesting in preparation for the long drive home..........................right???
Sue xx

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