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Monday, 9 May 2011

A hint of moisture in the air

now, but it was lovely earlier on! It feels humid and damp and I am straining my ears to hear distant rumbling of possible thunder heading our way. I suppose it has lasted long enough, the early summer, but I would be very happy to have the garden watered without having to use my watering can backwards and forwards!! Oh, to have the hose fitted soon!!! ;-) It sits there in the kitchen, looking at me, just begging for attention...............ok, that was my sob story over and done with!
Yesterday was Mother's Day here. I have been given money for a much needed pedicure which I will book at the end of the month, thanks Tim!! No flowers, but a hug or two which was pretty special. Our boy is not given to shows of emotion regarding his mother! I spent much of it in the garden with the cats, lying on the sun lounger or reading or sleeping - very therapeutic! I did do some weeding in the front of the house since it was getting noticeable, and our neighbours had done theirs as well.  Can't let the side down!
Saturday was the eighth study day in Amsterdam, and sad to say, we are whittled down to only 7 remaining students. We presented our mission statements and our adverts, and it felt ok actually. A bit daunting when I'd read mine out and the trainer asked the group to show hands if they would want to be seen by me!!!.....
Then in the afternoon we had the workshop on NVC, which was unexpected but great since I was so fresh from having read the book last week. It had an amazing effect on one or two of the group which I found interesting, so I sat yesterday to just flick through it again and again so that I start to feel confident about how I can use it in my practice.
As you can also see from the pictures, Tim and I made our first loaves of bread this weekend. We used the professional mixer thingy that I don't like that much, but it speeded things up a lot, and used the method Tim learns in the bakery and at school. I felt for a first go it was tasty, but needed more salt. We are going to buy more flour from the miller and try and make some different loaves next. There is something soothing about baking that I really enjoy, and relax when doing it. Is it the delicious smells in the house? Is it the satisfaction of home-baking living on in our children? I don't know, but give me some sugar, butter, flour and eggs over a lump of meat any day!!!!!
Sue xx

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