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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Isn't English a wonderful language!?!

Reading my recipe for the custard tart, the final sentence reads: "when ready the tart should be set and golden on top and have the merest tremor in the centre when you jiggle the tray." Don't you just love the idea of someone wondering what a mere tremor might look like, and what on earth is jiggling when it's at home?!! Love it, BBC Food site!!! Of course if you are a custard tart aficionado you will recognise this immediately; it's in the oven as I speak. I am though, unsure of how it is going to turn out, as my first time recipes are not always successful. I know I have made errors whilst reading the recipe this time, and had to do some adjustments along the way, but on the whole I think it will be fine. I am loving the smell of the pastry let alone the custard!! It came out perfectly, and looked great with the grated nutmeg in the middle...wonderful. At the moment it is cooking fine.........fingers crossed for a result! I know what to improve upon next time, that's the main thing. And there will be a next time!!!

A little slice of heaven........
I am delighted with the result, though next time a little more nutmeg I think will just take it to the next level!! No more shop bought custards for me, no sir!!! I predict it won't last long in the kitchen..........
Sue xx

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