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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Slow mail

It took 8 days  for the Royal Mail to deliver a package to my daughter, and only 3 days for one from the same company to reach me here in Holland. C'mon, RM - surely you can do better than this?!! The most important thing is she received it and loves it, and can use it in the future, so happy smiling faces all round.

What am I surfing this morning? A bit of this 'n that really, some to simply pass the time of day, others out of real necessity. There is a hint of an improvement in the weather at last, but mustn't speak too soon. Could all go wrong again! The heatwave predicted for Britain this coming week ought to get here as well?!

I am feeling sluggish this week. Not a lot of energy, bad headaches and queasiness, and some very strange out -of -body sensations! I have not wanted to drive very far, or leave the house unless unavoidable, so have cancelled some things in order to feel safe. And I am sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. Best remedy it would seem - so who am I to argue with that?! I feel as though I might faint at any moment, which is really weird I have to admit, and something I have not done for a while, but there are plus points to my being ill - the cats are delighted!! I am home, they can snuggle up against me in the warmth of the living room as the heating is on in there, and they are content with the amount of attention they are receiving from me. Happy cat days!

Multi tasking right now! writing this, skyping my friends in Poland, emailing about my business card/invoice - and all from my little snug!! I ought to do some shopping but it can wait; this is too much fun!!
Sue xx

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