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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Long, slow week feeling

Usually wednesday comes around quite quickly and it can be an excellent day of the week, but! this week it is dragging itself slowly though to the final hours, and heading towards an even longer Thursday, Friday, the weekend, Monday, Tuesday and back around to Wednesday! Why is it that some times time itself seems to stand still? Like when we were kids and it felt like forever until our birthdays came around again, or Christmas, or the summer holiday.............always so much longer than the 365 days that were actually in between.  This week feels like so much longer, I confess to wishing it would just pass in a blur, be over, and everything back to normal. PLEASE.
I have finally brought my second planter home from work this afternoon, so the thought of filling it with earth and plants and a trip to the garden centre tomorrow morning, is what is going to get me through the night. The earth I have - so just a question of one or two shade loving plants to fill it up. I brought a rather dry looking plant home with it, currently sitting in a bucket of water outside to give it a fighting chance of survival - a Hellebores I believe it to be. I think it will be ok, just needs some tender loving care. Where to plant it is the next question. Front or back?
Tomorrow afternoon I hope Tim and I are going to organise his passport and photos and do the necessary things that can't be delayed any longer if he is going to visit his sister in the summer. Fortunately it only takes  a few days to get a new passport here - I've heard worrying rumours that when mine is out of date I have to get it renewed in France!!!! And here was I thinking it was just a trip to the Embassy in Amsterdam - silly me for thinking it would be so simple!! Luckily for Tim we only need to go to our local council building up the road! Oh la, la!!!
I've bought more lemons as he is going to bake the lemon cake at the bakery tomorrow - well, several in fact, and I am dying to know what they think of it and whether or not it will sell well................I reckon it will. I have got some rhubarb in the fridge so my plan is to make something with that too, tomorrow. So glad to be having a day free to do the things that make me happy! Diet going well - 3 days of attack, and the loss is there so just 4 more days to go! Hence all the distractions I have got in petto for my time.........
Sue xx

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