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Wednesday, 4 May 2011


...there's not a lot of clarify happening here this morning but I am certainly having profound ( or is that profane? ) thoughts today!!!!!

Not in the best of humours I can tell you...............y'know how when you are just about to suck that straw or seek that needle in the haystack or do your very best imitation of Vesuvius erupting..........smash that vase to the ground.......or anything else that would make you feel better ( for a milli-second probably )?
Sue xx


Ineke said...

Dat had ik gisteren! :-D
Duurt maar 1 dagje! Morgen, als je lekker geslapen hebt, is het weer over! Sterkte vandaag! :-)

Suzanne said...

Cheers!! It just got so much worse and my blood pressure shot up through the roof, but I am trying to think logically instead of wanting to throttle someone..it is taking some doing I can tell you!! xx