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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Consolation prize

I've spent the past month dreaming about being able to finally buy the paint to cover one more wall in our living area downstairs. But when I  added up the expenses for the coming month, this morning, and made my list of priorities, sadly it has once again failed to make the top 10!!! Hey ho, I suppose food is always going to trump paint!!! My consolation prize has been to spend the morning in the kitchen baking. It always cheers me up I suppose, and the rhubarb I'd bought was needing to be made in to a Ginger & Rhubarb crumble to feed our hungry son when he gets in this evening. I'm thinking more about giving him a good meal to make sure he is alert and confident for his first baking exam tomorrow! I so hope he is going to pass It will be the first time he has taken an exam and got it without any hiccups if he does, so it means the world to us. At the moment he is working in the bakery in the village, on his placement day, and since he asked me for a lot of lemons yesterday, and texted me earlier for the measurements for the topping, I gather he has finally had the time to make my Lemon Drizzle Cake for the shop!!! I wonder whether he will bring one home for approval.................I have also made some white chocolate and pecan nut cookies this morning but the dough has to be in the freezer for 2 hours before it goes into the oven, so we are at that stage as I type. Must admit to not having made them before, so ought to be interesting, but it was all looking as it should up until now!!

Diet ok. Lost the 2 kilos, so 2 more to go, and it is only Thursday so if I remain strong and don't taste my delicious pudding and cookies, it will continue to drop. I can see the difference in my face already - not so round!! but I really need it to disappear from my middle. Then my jeans will do up again!! ;-)
Sue xx

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