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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

lost in translation

I was touched by the comment I received to my last blog post, so this morning I have added the widget for translating the language from English to which ever your preferred one might be. I hope this makes  life easier!!
Sticking to the diet for one day produced a 7ounce loss so my motivation is great today!!! If I eat enough during the day and allow myself to do that, then it will be fine. I see no point in being desperately hungry on any diet, and this one suits me.

The wind is more extreme this morning, so I will be blown all the way to Amsterdam! Just preparing myself for it at the moment and trying to decide what to wear! Is it warm enough for light, casual trousers since my jean button is a little tight right now.........or should I wear my long pinafore that I love, and add a cardie........decisions, decisions. I read recently that if we apply the 10-10-10 rule, all decisions will become so much easier to make - and live with. So, what difference will my decision make to me in 10 minutes time; 10 months time and 10 years time? It's easy to see that any decision I make is only really significant in the next 10 minutes so hey, I ought to wear what I want!!!! ;-) Think I will!!
Sue xx

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