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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Homemade with Love


Cheese, bacon & mushroom quiche.
So it was me that said that she was going to diet strictly this week, agreed? And so I am, but there is also a growing boy in the household who needs nourishment and these will do him good. Actually we are both eating out this evening, but separately, so I guess this is for tomorrow.........at this end of the month so long as I have eggs, milk, sugar, flour, onions; butter and bacon in the house we get a long way on a small amount of money! Luckily Tim loves pancakes; quiche; omelette; bacon butties; scones; biscuits; and many other simple suppers, so we get by...mostly! It's all better than pre-packed, tasteless ready-made meals I think, although they have their place and use when the freezer is the only thing standing between me and an empty saucepan!! Sometimes I really wish we had a microwave too.........but I am the mistress of frugality these days, and I'm sure many more people are as well. What is it Einstein said?
"Necessity is the mother of invention" - how right he was!!!
Having been so productive all morning I felt I had earned my place in the sun, so for a few hours I have lain there, ipod on, earphones in, and eyes closed. Bliss. Thank goodness the sun has returned this week!! I feel a few days of 20C plus would be most welcome. Who needs a holiday when the sun is out at home?!!! ;-) ( well, I wouldn't say no )...........
So here we are, time for a cuppa methinks, and a change of clothes, and a little sprucing up, and I will be ready for my night 'out.' Actually a night in, but not at mine, but at yours, Ann!!!!
Sue xx

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