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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Lovely photo

Becci, John & Andrea
This is a photo of my daughter and her older sister at their brother's recent wedding, which I find delightful. Of course I am still waiting for her to put the rest of the photos up on her facebook page.........but at least here I can see the three of them looking marvellous together. Brings back a lot of memories.........

Today was a good day at work. I had some volunteers and a schoolgirl on placement, so with there being 4 of us all morning we were able to achieve far more than normally possible. It was fun working with them and feeling just a tad 'in charge' - made me realise just how much I miss being a team leader actually. Perhaps the old skills are just lying dormant right now, but the pleasure and the thrill of leading was still there alright! It was also nice to think that during the coming weeks I will be working more regularly so can set some things up and even get to see them through hopefully. Tomorrow I can bring another of the planters home probably, which is good as well. If we can get number 3 that would be wonderful but two is better than the solitary one we now have in the garden.

I must admit that I had some news today that caught me a little unawares and which I am still trying to process properly and sensibly, and with due care and attention. Sometimes life throws you a curveball when you least expect it, and I am not sure whether to catch it or throw it straight back.  Depending on where you see it coming from, it can be a great thing or something awful - and to be immediately dropped like a red hot poker! I think the best thing is to sleep on it, don't you?
Sue xx

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