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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Taking a break

........from housework! Time for a coffee - but only one as this will be beneficial for my arteries, but should I consider another one later on, then it has to be before 3 or 4pm so as to be able to sleep tonight! Yes, I  have been reading the article about coffee consumption on the Daily Mail Online, this morning. It would seem that drinking coffee is similar in many ways to playing Russian Roulette; the pros weigh out the cons if you restrict your daily intake to one or two cups, but after that, hey, the risks are there what ever you do!!
Me, I drink de-caff the majority of the time, not because I don't like something a little stronger, but because I get headaches if I drink more than 2 cups of real coffee per day. Does this mean I have no benefits at all?..no, I am certain there are some to be had, so this mix 'n match caffeine v de-caff will reign on. I just thought you should know.

Yesterday we worked hard to get my second case study written and produced in the most professional manner we could achieve, so I am satisfied. Final tweaking today and then  I can send it in to our trainers and see what comments come back this time. Having cooler, no, sorry, COLD weather this week is keeping me indoors and studious. Getting lots done!
When the going gets tough I have little taster wanderings into etsy or amazon increasing my wish lists as I go. There are so many beautiful things to admire, so many talented people out there making highly desirable items for hearth and home. I particularly love the new esty shop belonging to Kelly Rae Roberts. She is one of my very favourite designers, and I have 2 items already that she made some time ago, and have aspirations to own some more in the future. I particularly covert her ladies!!!!....................then again Patti Digh has a new book out........." What I wish for you....simple wisdom for a happy life. "so that is added to the other 31 items on amazon.................
Maybe I will never ever get to buy any of these, but it won't stop me 'window-shopping' and dreaming.

On that note I suppose phase II of housework has to be started now that my coffee mug is empty again...
Sue xx

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