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Thursday, 12 May 2011

annoyance creeping upwards!

It's hard not to get ever so slightly annoyed with the boy right at this very minute because he is hanging on to the phone he wants me to take over from him, so that he gets my brand new android thingy, when his interest and promise to set his old one up properly for me, is at about zilch!! I have got separation anxiety being apart from my mobile!! My subscription was almost up, so you can choose a new one - this is the root of the problem my friends. Sonny boy wants the android phone which comes with the same payment as I am used to - and also willing to pay ie. not very much! He has got a similar phone already but his doesn't run out until December....so he wants to swop mobiles basically, with me, and then possibly again at the end of the year..................really, so long as I can call and text I am happy, but since things move along so rapidly in techo-land, my old outdated one is no longer up to scratch it would seem.
So we have got as far as my sim and numbers being in his current phone, and I am waiting impatiently for the rest to happen - internet, be shown how to use the thing in the first place....blah, blah, whilst HE sits gaily setting his stuff up on the new phone and having a whale of a time doing it!!! I'm not a happy mummy right now, and if he doesn't look a bit sharpish, all bets are off!!! ;-) I can see what will happen; he will go to work in the early hours of tomorrow morning, my phone will ring later on and I won't know how to answer it - hence the panic!!! Also I need to use it tomorrow to get somewhere in Amsterdam, so there you have it- the anxiety and the reasons behind it!
Sue xx

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