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Saturday, 30 April 2011


Today the world here turns orange in celebration of the Queen's birthday. I was up early to get to the supermarket when it opened at 7am as there is a 'rommelmarkt' on the carpark by the local shopping centre and I wanted to be sure that I could park and get in and out quickly. I was amazed by how many people had already set up their stalls - barely any room over!! I had not realised it would all kick off quite so early! Anyway I was able to do what I needed to and come back home within half an hour which was fine by me! Since then I have done the housework and finally, yes, finally, written up my first case study for my course - yippee!!! It is just Parkinson's Law working its magic - the amount of time one gives to a task is the amount of time the task will require. One of the very first laws or rules I learnt when I went to train as an Occupational Therapist over 30 years ago and still valid to this day!! Knowing that I have got to hand it in in a week but that I have my study group meeting tomorrow where we are going to share our case studies, was the final push I needed to get it written down. Whether it is any good or not, is a completely different matter but at least I have accomplished the task I set myself, and can take it from here.
These pictures were just taken outside the front door as the village band played the children's parade through the streets and into the park. I love a good drum!!! It is lovely weather though a little breezy but it was fun to see everybody enjoying their day. The one of the cats was taken here in my little study as they love sitting on the windowsill on their cushion as the sun streams in here of a morning. My reward to me is going to be a huge mug of coffee in the garden now - bye!!
Sue xx

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