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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

My week in pictures.

The White Chocolate & Pecan nut Cookies.

Is it a Heffalump?....

No! It's a Finka!!!

My friend Hillie whose birthday it was yesterday.

Hillie & I in the really hot sun.

Having used my camera yesterday I thought it was time to add the other photos I have taken this week. It is a good job I had my sunglasses on yesterday as I have one very swollen and very painful eyelid right now - I'm guessing a midgy bite is the culprit so last night and again this morning ( 5am ) I have been plastering antiseptic cream all over it as I can hardly keep it open! Looks ghastly!!! I need to drive to Amsterdam this afternoon so I want the swelling to reduce if nothing else so that I can see where I am going. That would be good, right?
Last night when I got home there were two bars of white chocolate in the fridge..........a helpful reminder from Tim that more cookies are desirable! He thought my Flapjack was good only too many nuts for his taste so an alternative has to follow. Still no news about his exam............
Then we have mysterious bumps on the bed! I've added the throw as both cats are wanting to sleep on the quilt during the wet days, well, Genghis every day regardless of weather conditions, and they are so hairy!!! It has been cold here last week, granted, so I happened upon this bump one day - and lo and behold, there was a Finka in a ball underneath so lovely and warm and asleep!! She always goes under covers, jumpers, cushions anything - even tired to get down my dress once!
And then we have Hillie and I. I went to Zoetermeer to spend the day with her for her birthday and the weather forecasters got it spot on - boiling hot! I got a little sunburnt so sat in the shade in the afternoon, but it was fantastic. I did however have a bout of Hayfever, proving that it is not gone as I was hoping, but also that my allergies come out when I am there. Which was the main reason for moving from there in the first place - and once home again, hey presto, it's stopped!
When I left Hillies I went round to visit Ineke, sat in her beautifully mature garden, and drank tea together. She's promised to visit here in the summer!!! I'd taken some sort of 'stick' in the hope that there was enough room on it for the Les Miserables show - but it was a freebie from work, and there was only a tiny amount of space on it so alas, it was not to be. I eventually got home around 8pm, watched a bit of telly, heard Tim recant everything he had said to me yesterday about not wanting this and that, what he did want, and since it was as close to a sorry as he ever gets, it was fine. He has things he is terribly hurt and upset about still, and when he is stressed these rise  to the surface and fuel his negative ' I don't care' attitude and he backs away from everyone and everything. I think being at work yesterday soothed his tattered nerves as he really does love it there, and he came home in a better frame of mind. He'd done a spot of gardening out front of the shop as it is kermis ( carnival ) here in Hoogkarspel this weekend and today they will be adding some plants..................good to see him being so involved.
Oh I forgot to add that I went for a quick whizz around my favourite garden centre whilst in Zoetermeer, the Driesprong. Wonderful! Bursting with plant, colour, pots, trees, everything one's heart could imagine for one's tiny plot of earth. It makes your heart sing just walking around in there. I managed to find a trellis for my long-suffering, not so happy looking, in need of support, Clematis which HAS to be fixed this week somehow, and some spray for the greenfly that is attacking my other Clematis on the fence. Never had that before, ever, but hey, we are here to be surprised!
I'm waiting to be surprised right now...............
Sue xx

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