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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Calmness reigns again

I was so far away this morning, simply couldn't get out of bed!! I was still sleeping after 9am which is unheard of in this household!! Must have really needed it I suppose. This morning Tim and I have made a Swiss Roll just to test the waters for a possible Baked Alaska...............it turned out fine, and I think it is so much nicer to have made the cake as well as the meringue - and maybe even the ice cream if we find a suitable recipe??? I just love planning dinners for friends or family! Doesn't matter if they are a way off into the next month, it is exactly the same as the delight I get each year from sifting weeks and weeks ahead, through our Christmas Recipe pile. It is calming I find, flicking through each book, making notes, selecting favourites, discussing choices, likes and dislikes, where to buy, the whole 9 yards of it!!
And the sun is out and the wind is gone, so we are in the garden again!!
Sue xx

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