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Friday, 6 May 2011

New things

Do you like learning new things? I do, but it has to be at that moment when my mind is open and receptive and wanting to learn. Things just don't go in otherwise!! One of the best things about my study is the opportunity to learn new things, read more books, undertake new tasks, meet new people, discover new things about myself.
Over the past two days I have been reading about Non-Violent Communication, a topic for a workshop we are going to participate in shortly, and I have been suitably impressed. It is a simple, easy to follow book by Marshall Rosenberg, about a style and manner of communication that has at its heart the human empathy required of us all, to be aware of our own as well as another's basic needs. To take care of them, and to be gentle as we go about communicating with ourselves and the rest of the world. It sounds different when you first try it out on people! I tried with Tim this morning, and he burst out laughing and told me never to talk in that way ever again!! But at the same time, he completed a task that has needed doing for over three weeks, remained calm with me, non-defensive and co-operative, and happy. I had my needs met and satisfied and he got a job done that I had been asking him to do and getting nowhere with until today! So did it work, my funny way of talking?............I choose to believe it did. I shall continue practicing.

And on the subject of being kind to oneself, I can recommend the downloading of an ebook called "23 things you might not know about you: notes of encouragement, smartness and truth." Lisa Baldwin ( zen at play) is the  instigator of this set of love notes to yourself, by various different contributors, a sort of pep talk to polish up that tarnished idea we get of ourselves from time to time. ( I guess if you google  the title you can find it or go to Susannah Conway's blog and get the link, cos I am pretty useless at knowing how to write something in a post and make it into a functional link)!!!
I have printed it out for myself and will make a proper cover and keep it on my bookshelves or by our bed or just lurking in different places so I can sneak a look whenever I feel the need...............right now I am enjoying this love note from the book:

" You are gifted. You're a captivating compendium of innate talents, acquired skills, hard-won lessons and intuitive glimpses. There is no-one who can do what you do, in precisely the way you do it.There is no comparison, and no competition. How miraculous is that?"  ( Alexandra Franzen.)

Having handed in some work ready for tomorrow's study day, and knowing that I have to present my mission statement and advert to the group, and feeling terribly shy and nervous about it right now, this is just what I need to hear to bolster my confidence and give me some positive re-inforcers for the morning!
(And just hearing you tell me that I did good, and loving you for saying that, whether it is right or not, was special and kind and tender and wonderful and it made my heart joyful because it was exactly what I needed to hear.)
Sue xx

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