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Saturday, 28 May 2011


and the weekend is off to a sunny start. At least right now, early in the morning, the sun is out. Tim's last day so he was off at 6am. I am instructed to pick up the cream gateau he ordered from work, and bring it to him for elevenses!! Enough for 30 people apparently!!
I am no wiser about how his exam went yesterday. I got this text when I asked about it: "went bad had food home late don't worry. " Everything guaranteed to make me worry, right?!! When he did get home, all I learned was that it was not good, he was not happy, and he didn't want to talk about it. So! None the wiser as I said. Have to wait for Monday.................
Just been watching Take That on Youtube. They kicked off the tour last night in Sunderland, and I am so wishing I had a ticket for Amsterdam!!! It looks incredible, and I wish, wish, wish, I was going too. (sigh)
My friends here are all off to Italy this coming week, lucky things. Separate holidays, roughly same destination, so having been there myself before, I know how wonderful it is going to be for them. We went in the summer though, when it was 40C+ and you needed to go out in the morning, swim and sleep in the afternoon, and get up again and be active in the evenings. Halcyon days my friends!!!
But no good sitting here day dreaming when there is coffee to be made and cats to cuddle and things to do in the house and garden..........hope your day is as good as mine!! I'm thinking Flapjacks are nice for the weekend....... ;-)
Sue xx

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