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Saturday, 14 May 2011

My love -hate relationship

with all things technical or having a plug on them, continues!! There was I gaily driving along the motorway, listening attentively to everything tom tom was saying to me, thinking ' I can do this! ' and then....I turn off into Diemen and nothing. Nada. Niks. NO SIGNAL. This was the point in my journey that I needed it the most, to get to my appointment, so I was not amused! I think it was due to the many roadworks going on, perhaps, but I pulled into a petrol station to 're-group' and wait for the signal to return. It kinda did...but not continuously, so there I was, following what it did tell me to do, and praying that it was correct. I made it to my destination eventually, and having left in plenty of time so as not to be late, it was fine. Phew!! I did have a back-up paper printout out of my route, but hey, when you've got a tom tom, use a tom tom, right?!!!
So here it is, Saturday morning, and I didn't manage to remain asleep for long last night. It was a warm night, and although I wasn't dreaming, my thoughts were racing around in my head, and I was restless. I got up early hoping that by doing so, I have the time to right myself and place one foot in front of the other all day without tripping myself up! I am thinking about washing Sooty first of all....the day looks promising, and I need to do it, so at this point I am girding my loins and willing myself into action! The prospects this weekend are of being on my own as Tim is thinking about going to his friends and sleeping over etc. It would be good for him, so when he gets home from work I will know more. Finka sprang over in the neighbours garden once or twice yesterday so that is something new for her, and I will have to watch her like a hawk if she is outside today. All it will take is their dog to bark at her whilst she is there, and she will be back over the fence like a bullet!!!! They have a handily placed seat just the other side of the fence which she uses as a launching pad I believe..............
Ah, the clock on the church tower strikes 7.30am. Coffee. Yoghurt  - recommended for me today as I forgot to eat anything all day yesterday until I got home in the evening!!! Tidy round, wash, swiffer.....read...write....relax. Sounds like a plan!
Sue xx

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