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Monday, 10 January 2011

Weekend over, new week begun

Already 10th January!!! The days are flying by in what is traditionally the 'longest month' after the buzz of Christmas has passed. This weekend was full of learning for me, some good  and some not so good. I have got a student to be counsellor to for the 'real' practice sessions which is great, and I have learned more about using the client-centered approach in my work. What do I think of the model? I am not jumping up and down with joy about it but that is because I still need to discover how to match my style of talking with the bones of the model, to make it mine. ( if you know what I mean?!) There were several people missing on Saturday so it was a much smaller group, but nevertheless, instructive. We have two workshops to sign up for now as well, which is exciting, and our study group is meeting again so all in all, today is going to be about writing.......................and hacking off more wallpaper!!!

My knitting is progressing! I found it very therapeutic yesterday and as I was sitting there with my cup of tea, knitting furiously, I couldn't help but allow a random thought into my consciousness from "A Tale of Two Cities" by Dickens. Y'know, the one where the woman is coding all the names of the people for the guillotine into her knitting.................

There has been a heavy frost overnight, which surprised me this morning. I had not felt so cold lately and was thinking maybe the worst of the winter was behind us, but I doubt it. I am looking forward to spring!
Well, it is time I took a shower and faced the day. Let it be a good one for you too.
Sue xx

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