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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Thursday already?!

The rain remains. It is a dark and dull day and at the moment too dark in the living room to start on the walls. I am all prepared though - the cupboard is moved and space is made so that I can move further along the wall. I ought to be over the half way mark by the end of today. That's the plan! All the other jobs that I had for this week are done..........just this one outstanding.
I am likely to be in England for my birthday this year which is very exciting!! Although the final details haven't been made I am sure it will work out, so great. Something to look forward to and stay on target with my diet for. I agree that making the decision to lose extra weight is personal and not something that one does for someone else; I do believe that the motivation has to be there and that sometimes that has to do with other people in your life. As well as the health issue - which we ignore at our peril really. As soon as one hits 50 there is talk about diabetes, heart problems, joint problems etc and it is all very worrying. Finding the right balance between being able to eat and drink what we want and feeling healthy is so difficult. So I am not aiming for Slender Me; I am aiming for a realistic weight that allows me to indulge when I want but to wear what I want, shop where I want, look how I want, and feel that I am at the best I can be right now. Approaching 52 is scary......... my friend Clare even mentioned the number six yesterday...................with numbers after it!!!! I want to enjoy this decade first please!! Watching the news yesterday about the woman journalist sacked for being too old for TV, listening to the radio now about designing clothes to camouflage flabby underarms, that 13 january is the day most people give up their new year resolution to diet, what can we learn from all this? BE OURSELVES. A happy, contented, healthy US, please.
Tim came home from college yesterday with the most fantastic gateau he had made. Wow, Tim, it was delicious and looked amazing! So proud of you darling. Tasted too good........I snook a second slice; so good. I am expecting to get an invite to parents evening shortly so I suppose that will tell me about how he is doing, though it seems so many of his class are leaving at the end of this year, and he estimates that only 5 or 6 will be there for the second year.
This evening we have an open practice in order to allow prospective new members to come along and join us. It is sink or swim time I fear. We have so few members now that the money side is getting critical...we have to stay longer to discuss it this evening. I do hope people come along if they are interested in joining a choir because we really need them!!
And my final thing this morning: I am wearing my NEXT jeans that have languished in my wardrobe for the past 12 years!!!!! Yes! I feel ok in them - can breathe too - so things are still going well.
Have a good day, be warm and dry.
Sue xx

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