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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Gifts of imperfection

I am reading this interesting, sit up and take notice sort of book,  by Brene Brown: "The gifts of Imperfection". It is absorbing, challenging, and hits the spot when she talks about what it means to live a life of wholeheartedness. Her TED talk is amazing, and so far I have been enjoying it again in the first chapters. I find it comforting to be one of the imperfect people, because it means there is room for improvement! She talks a great deal about the issue of Shame, from her extensive research into it, but her focus in this book is on what it means to be wholehearted. I'll tell you more when I have digested it and understand what my take on it all is.
Our neighbour came round yesterday to talk about the wallpapering. I think he felt I could have done more to the walls, like sanding them, but I won't do that until I know he is coming to paper. I hate all that dust because of my asthma, so not good for me at all, but also for the mess it is going to make! He is obviously a perfectionist, being a professional, but like I explained to him, I am making the house nice but don't have a fortune to spend on wallpaper etc since it is only a rented house and we prefer to invest in things we can take with us in the future. Ah, he said; of course, he said; maybe you'll fall in love again and not be here very long, he said.......................then he looked at the hall and asked who had papered that. Me and a friend from England, I said; ah, he said; are you going to paint the room yourself, he said; yes, I said...
( you get the drift?!) :-)
Ah, Chris is starting off, with Gary Barlow as guest to celebrate his 40th birthday - but I have to tear myself away and take a shower. The first hour of the morning is over, and it feels like only 10 minutes.
Have a great day, keep warm and safe.
Sue xx

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