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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Life's ups and downs

These past few days have been quite a roller coaster ride for me, which is not unusual but something that I take time to recover from, shall we say? I am unable to share the detail here on my blog  but let me say that there was at least one good turn in there that perhaps makes up for all the rest. I have been able to help someone else. I have been able to use my experience and knowledge to good effect and I am grateful for having the opportunity to do this for someone I care about. Life bites you on the bottom when you least expect it and forces actions and decisions to be made that are so left-field you are left reeling. But I hope that what happened will be a turning point for everyone concerned, and I will leave it there.

More wallpaper stripping ahead. Yesterday I fell off my ladder and split red wine all over the floor.....what a waste!!! My shoulders and arms ache so much now, and I am struggling to get into the swing of it again today. I have spent the entire morning writing up my essays from the study days, and dealing with issues arising from them. It is a dull, uninspiring day, and that is how I feel really. Better try to shake it off!!!!
Sue xx

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