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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Makes a change!!

The sun is shining this morning, which makes a lovely change from all the rain we've had this week. I know that more frost is forecast for the coming week, but today, the sun is out.
I have decided to give my aching bones a rest today, and leave the DIY alone. The room is all back to normal and I have no wish to disrupt it again; tomorrow is another day! So instead I am doing all the other chores like the wash etc and I have made my first Journal Tag. Something I have been thinking about doing for ages now, but not been sure what I could do. Having a few manila tags left over from Christmas I decided to use them up. I was also wanting to make one for my first client this week, to give to her when she leaves as a thank you. I know she is just one of my fellow students, but trusting me with her stuff is big, and I feel honoured that she is willing to do it. This is mine:
I collect quotations - because I love them! - so these are ones that mean something to me personally. My mantra's if you like. Not sure where  I am going to place it as yet, but it needs to have a place in our house.
Time for a coffee before I take a look in the garden and see what I can do there to tidy it up a bit. There is always something!!!
Sue xx

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