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Monday, 24 January 2011

sometimes things don't go to plan -

and in our life that happens a lot! But I was obviously up and about so early because I was going to get asked to go into work, and I was able to do that immediately, and 'save the day' as my colleagues put it! Luckily I had already determined that no wallpapering was going to take place as our neighbour was gone before seven o'clock, and I now know that he is coming at 7.30am tomorrow morning to get a good start. Ok.......means I get up early, do the essential ironing for Tim, move the rest of the furniture, settle the cats, and be prepared all before seven am. I can do that!!! But what a strange day it was actually. A day for things to turn out to be not what we expected. I had several 'shocks' today whilst at work, one in particular that I don't really understand, and that makes me very sad and disappointed in others, and another that saw us having to make an emergency call and aid a client. That all ended well, so no worries, but that other? I am trying hard to decide what I want to do about that. Instinctively, I know what to do, and I will find a way to do what I believe is right, but it is hard not to have questions and want to hear the truth of the matter at the same time. Call it being left out of the loop because I am not regular staff, but I find that no excuse either. I'll talk to you about it tomorrow. You always know the right thing to say to me. How great is that, to know someone is going to be able to hear and understand and reply, and it will be all the things I really want to hear.
Right now I am catching up on the things I was unable to get done that  I had planned to do today, and thinking about what I need to shift to tomorrow so that by Wednesday I will be back on track!! I always loved time management!!! Part of that is my homework, preparation work for Wednesday, helping with the wallpapering, the housework etc......I need a 36 hour day probably.
Anyway, if that all happened today, tomorrow can only be better!
Sue xx

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