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Monday, 3 January 2011

Funny creatures...........

Genghis on the blanket.

Finka dragging the blanket into their bed!

Snuggled up beside me in their nightly positions.

Finka was totally put out when her 'bed' up in our bedroom was taken away for the day last week, because her blanket was unavailable apparently. Despite being under the influence of her sedatives, she suddenly appeared downstairs, dragging her blanket behind her!!! Going without it for a day was obviously not an option!!! First of all she got it on the stool next to their hangmat, and Genghis sat in it. Then she wanted it in their bed so it was dragged in there so they both could sleep on it. Eventually I re-aranged it so that it was nicely in the bed and they could sleep on top of it.......smart girl! The final photo is of them snuggled up to me on the settee for the evening which is where they are to be found every night. What would I do without their company, eh?

This morning there was a hard frost and the car was totally white again when I went outside this morning. Luckily I was forewarned so I knew to be a little earlier going out of the house. Although the roads were white with the frost most of the journey to Schagen, there were no problems with ice or the traffic thankfully. It was really nice seeing everyone altogether for the New Years Breakfast. I shook so many hands and was kissed and hugged til I was all hugged out! It was quieter than previous years, that was my first impression, but nice all the same. Since I have no work this month I always feel it is good to just 'touch base' with one and all so that I have seen them at the start of  another year. Tim went off to college again this morning so we are all back in familiar routines once more.

Once home it was definitely the day for cleaning downstairs!! Oh yes, I do do it sometimes!!! Even the windows out the back got my attention! When I arrived home I saw one of our neighbours outside cleaning her windows so I stopped for a chat with her which was nice. She told me it is going to snow like billy-o after this week, worse than ever.............so we were both making the most of the brief respite in the wintry weather. I got as far as up the stairs and determined that it was sufficient for today. Tomorrow I can do upstairs and then it is paper-stripping time! Got to be done now, as we are on a schedule. And it will be good, cheap exercise for me too. Settling back into my diet regime is difficult, but I am determined not to slide any further or else it will all be in vain. So, the attack phase is well and truly underway after the breakfast this morning............you too?.......

Not much else happening which I suppose is a good thing. One bright thing to look forward to is the new series of "Lark Rise" which starts again this coming Sunday; I do love it!! So Ineke, if you have missed the previous series, this one is definitely not to be missed!!! It is right up our street! :-) I can fill you in if you want to know what happened in the previous series? 
Sue xx


Ineke said...

De vorige serie van 'Lark Rise' heb ik ook zoveel mogelijk gevolgd, hoor! Ik zit zondag klaar!

Suzanne said...

Right ho!!! It is just so lovely and 'englishy'!!