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Monday, 17 January 2011

So many to read and enjoy!

I have been so busy today, getting all the chores done - so my treat to me is to sit and listen to the radio whilst blog lurking, and what fantastic blogs I have discovered!! I was specifically looking for UK based bloggers and I have been amazed at the amount of original and beautiful blogs there are!! My bookmarks are FULL now - and I need to clear out my current top 10 and make space for some new up and coming favourites. I used to fill my page with many scrapping blogs but not any more. I've grown tired of seeing the same old, same old, and need fresh inspiration this year. Perhaps it has to do with having a new home, and wanting to decorate and make it feel like us, so a shift in focus and creativity, or that I've more time for reading and knitting and my other hobbies....dunno. Does it matter? My wish list on Amazon is growing like Topsy - I am envisaging a whole wall of bookshelves in the bedroom............a sort of literary muffler between us and Tim, as the walls are so thin in this house and we can hear a pin drop ( so to speak! ). Last night I was listening to him chatting away on the internet to someone, somewhere, whilst I tried my best to lull myself into dreamland, but it was hard to block out all those words.....

My hands look like a million years old. All peeling and rough despite rubbing in copious amounts of nutrition intense for very dry hands. They feel like paper and glue - oh, and that is another thing, getting glue all over them again today 'cos the strips alongside the front door are de-gluing themselves and floating about which I am NOT happy about! I have to stand by the front door, with my legs akimbo, straddling the lower parts of the strip with a knee, the middle with an elbow and the higher bit with my head!! It is not gracious or comfortable or what I want to be doing. But I hate something not being perfect even more, so there we have it; straddling. I had a go at filling the wall. The stuff smells revolting. I need to sand it I realise, but at the moment I have hidden my attempt behind the bookcase again so I can pretend it is not there this evening. I got confused over the newspaper advice - don't see it working without glue ( hate glue right now) but like the cheap undercoat idea much better!

On a completely different note: Finka is turning into a human. She has seen us eating our dinner on the settee whilst watching TV (well, I have to see Kevin) and has taken to bringing her cat biscuits onto the settee and chobbling them up next to me!! Or a Sheepdog: I went upstairs last night to check my email and she sprinted up after me, meowing ferociously until I went back downstairs where she curled up next to me and the Geng and went back to sleep. Intelligent little bat isn't she?
Time for tea methinks,
Sue xx

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