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Monday, 31 January 2011

February calling

So the first month of 2011 is behind us this evening, and the shortest month is coming after it. Always a busy one, lots of birthdays in it, including mine - yay! - and this time I will be spreading it out more than usual. I am thinking curry........wonder why I always think about a Balti whenever it is my birthday?? Does it have to do with birthdays past I wonder, when I used to have all my friends round for dinner.......probably, but I also just lurve Chicken Balti!!

Did you watch Countryfile last night? I wish I had a euro for every time they said "Penistone"!!! It was filmed in South Yorkshire, and featured Sheffield, Wentworth, Barnsley and good old Penistone which is where I used to live! It was great seeing the railway and the imposing viaduct which spans the valley and the park where me and the children used to have our picnics etc. I lived in Bridge Street so the railway bridge was just a short walk from our front door. I think I caught a glimpse of the street when they were moving up from the viaduct but it was great to see Silkstone Common and all those places I used to go.
So beautiful around that part of England, so hilly!!! And they said that Penistone was the coldest station in the whole of the UK - I can believe it!!! Brr! Brought back many happy memories anyway.

So today is another ordinary working day - housework that is. Tim has a nasty cold so is not going to college today, the cats are already ensconced in their daytime bed cuddling up to the radiator. I am getting geared up to do what I have got planned in my head. Really I want to do something more creative so perhaps I will listen more to my essential self over my social self, and that will win! Tim has asked for a valentine's card to be made, and I am thinking about what to do...............so I am being tempted towards that over ironing - well, the order of doing more than choosing one over the other............hmm.

Only 7 days til the Geldof Album gets released!!! I am so looking forward to that, getting lots of plays in England but NONE here!!!
Ok, time to move. Have a good day,
Sue xx

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