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Friday, 21 January 2011

Good news.

I heard this morning that our choir has got a good sized subsidy from the council this year, so we are hoping this means we can at least buy some more time before we have to make the difficult decisions about our future. It is a huge relief anyway, and I think we will try to soldier on alone.........at least now we have this information we can discuss it properly and allow everyone to have their say. So, good news.
I am also happy because so many people have complimented me on wearing blue!! It is my favourite colour without a doubt, but now having grey hair to top it, I think it goes even better with my complexion. Anyway, I am really thankful for all the encouraging comments, cos it certainly helps me stay focussed on my diet etc.
Am whiling away some time right now, hoping for the best!!!
Sue xx

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