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Friday, 7 January 2011


You really feel your age when you have done something unfamiliar and moved and stretched muscles that normally just reside in your body comfortably doing as little as possible!! Yesterday I started on stripping the old wallpaper off in the living room downstairs, and boy do I know that today! My hands have got tiny paper cuts all over them - which hurt when I took my shower this morning! - and my shoulders and back really need a good massage to get them feeling supple again. I am tired and lethargic at the moment, and thinking of a million reasons why I may take it easy today. The thing is, I can do that, no problem, but it will only move the task to Monday and every day next week if I am to achieve my deadline: ok, that's a deal!! I really don't have the energy it requires today. Tim is back at the bakery two days a week so we wake up at 3.15am and I find it so hard to get a good sleep on these nights. He was tired this morning as well, but off he went at four am so I know he must enjoy his time there.
Today is a day for getting the weekend organised as I have two days of study ahead. I am looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow in Amsterdam and hearing how their Christmas/New Years all went. We are focussing on the Client-Centered Approach by Egan tomorrow, and practicing using it in our interactions with one another, so I want to get a better grasp of that before the end of the afternoon. I have a fair idea and understanding of it, but then again, using it properly and well is another matter!!! I also need to get the things we need for the study group which is being held here on Sunday; I'm thinking Salad Nicoise for lunch as that is on my diet and I have most things in the house already!!! So today I need to sort the music out for our meditation moment and things like that...............I am putting all my positive energy into it as you can see!!! I take your advice on board, as ever, so I am sure it will be a good session.
There must be a teeny tiny hint of spring in the air as Genghis ventured outside the front door this morning for like a milli-second!!! His first step towards going out again after the winter indoors. I think he only sat on the front doorstep but he definitely wanted to go! I think there has been a frost as the cars are white and will need defrosting before I can use mine, so it is chillier than expected. We had a lot of rain last night here.
I went to choir as well - probably why I am so tired this morning as I didn't get to bed early enough - and it was encouraging to see that all but two members were present. And that is all for now!
Sue xx

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