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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Already Wednesday???

The whole day yesterday was taken up with wallpapering. But, it all got done in one day which is amazing! Of course what the end result will look like, I have no idea, because that involves me doing a lot of painting first, but it is a vast improvement on what was there before. Everything is back in its place while it all dries out properly, and we have still to make the final decision on which colours - shades - we are going to chose. I have got 4 that it goes between, depending on my mood, and the light in the room at the time, and how I know they react when over a large surface.....and so forth. We want to keep it looking light and bright, and large; that's about it!
Today Tim went off to the bakery to help them out before school. So we were awake at 2.50am -yikes! - and he has not returned as yet, so only another hour before his train will leave for school. I'm sure it is fine.
My eyes are pricking rather, so I am not rested enough really, but I have got my student 'client' coming this morning so lots to do first!
Have a good day.
Sue xx

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