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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Frothy Coffee

It's rather becoming a daily habit since I got the milk frother!! It is skimmed milk and decaf though........so allowed on my diet. What I try to do is only eat what I am permitted and sometimes when I feel 'hungry' instead of eating more I make a drink of coffee, tea or water. It seems to be working anyway. Where ever you look right now people are showing off their slimmed down bods or talking about diets or advertising weight watchers etc. It is the January obsession each year I suppose. But ok, whilst we are full of our resolutions and booking  summer holidays and thinking of warmer weather, this is probably the best chance we have to 'be good.'

On the news here yesterday there was a mention of the Swine Flu of last year, and how it was not expected to be a problem this year..............what they didn't talk about was the huge problem it is in the UK with the  Health Service crippled by thousands of staff being off with flu and several tragedies already happening. My daughter was very ill last year with it so I hope she is better prepared this time around. There is a lot of flu around so hoping that it stays away from our doors this winter.

My books are in transit!!! Makes me happy just saying those words...........amazon............free delivery......sale.............

Well, my procrastination has to stop, there is work to be done!! Tim is heading out of the door to college so I can start hacking off wallpaper outside the bedrooms on the landing any time now!!!!! The coffee was my 'you can have another one of these when done' motivational treats! I find that saying something out loud actually makes me do it; just thinking is not enough!! And I need to cycle again later this morning; I was perished when I came home but it did wake my system up for the day.

Missing Chris Evans too Becs!!!
Sue xx

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