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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

here one moment, gone the next!

I made some chocolate cupcakes yesterday with the very last baking ingredients that I could find in the cupboard....so there were only 8. I came down this morning and there were 4 left. ?????
I have a suspect...I spotted the trail of chocolate crumbs leading out of the kitchen and up the stairs.....
and you know it wasn't me!!! Have to say they are delicious and could become a new craze of easy baking for us. I particularly want to try the ones with the cheesecake middles and black bottoms!!!
Tim wants to bake my birthday cake this year, so we are considering a trip to the baking shop at half term. He needs more equipment apparently, a whole cupboard's worth it seems....but I am glad he is wanting to do more and more as it is so important for him to build up his own specialties.  And I enjoy sharing this with him since we both love baking so much.
Well, getting some butterflies in my tummy now as I know my student is on the train heading in this direction and there is no getting out of doing this today!! Excited and nervous at the same time I guess.
Sue xx

ps great timing Gary!! Elbow's song we love just playing now, cheers me up every time!

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