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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Job done!!

Ok, I think I have tamed the wandering door-strip at last. I decided to think outside the box about getting more glue along the inside of the strip..............so got my little paint brush out and an old yoghurt pot (which I always save and use for my scrapping as storage etc), and loaded it to the hilt with glue!!! Then I stood there for ages, pressing it down in several places, hard, determined, forceful..........and it might have worked!!!
At least at the moment it is holding so there is hope.
Having mastered that, I went on to finish scraping the paper off from behind the tops of the radiators, and made a huge cup of coffee. It looks fattening right? The reality is decaf and long life 0% milk frothed up to give a lovely topping. Make way Starbucks - this is the low fat, non caffeine, hot and warming, won't make you fat, tastes ok, treat of the day, huge Whittards cuppa!!! Tim gave me this when he came back from his sister's last year, and I love it!
And now I need to focus on my study for a couple of hours. Tomorrow morning I have got my client coming so I need to read up on the model, what I have to say, how to be professional etc and it is nerve-wracking.
Sue xx

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