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Thursday, 20 January 2011

new meeting place!

I went to do some shopping in Enkhuizen this morning and whilst in the supermarket several of my fellow choir members came in, so there we were, hogging the aisle, as we talked about the current  developments etc. It was nice actually, talking to someone else about last night, and it helped clarify a few things for me which is good. Then I went out into the car park and a member of the other choir recognised me from last night, and came across to talk about it from their perspective!! All very interesting and informative which I found positive all round. So who knows, maybe it will happen???        
I'm thinking I need a little catnap this afternoon or else I will be shattered later on this evening. I am already thinking today is Friday so have lost a day this week somewhere along the line!! And my ability to think is diminishing rapidly...............
Sue xx

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