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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Grand Designs

Phew, I am shattered after today's early start and then the wallpaper stripping etc. Time for a cup of tea and a sit down. Everything aches again, so I know not to push on too long as tomorrow I won't be able to move. I have reached the TV so the last quarter along the longest wall, which is what I was aiming for today. Tomorrow I want to get to the end, and maybe under the radiator...........then there will be the final part to do and that's it! Oh, apart from filling all the holes.............

I am loving watching this series of Grand Designs. My man Kevin is reveling in the enormity of the tasks each person commits themselves to undertaking and they are indeed at the very edge of ingenuity, engineering and imagination. Each afternoon another surprise which is great. Yesterday they were in  the Lake District at Windermere where a family were building a huge ( 'teletubby' house according to the guys son) futuristic house that actually in the end looked rather impressive. But not finished. They had so totally over-committed themselves and then the crisis hit and things all went rather pear-shaped for them. Did they give up? No, and what we saw at the end of the programme had a lot to commend itself. If I were to build my own house it would be far more modest and more conventional I suppose but I too have an idea in my head of what it would look like, and what I would like to include both in and out of doors. At the moment the only design question mark in my head is what colour to paint the walls!!! Hardly on a grand design scale but nether the less important to get right. I went to look at more paint charts this morning and they are now all laid out on the coffee table for perusal and discussion. I have my favourites but I can be swayed.....
thinking about the end result is motivating me to continue. I am more about the finishing touches than the hard work!!

So, sluggish and tired now, but glad that Steve Wright is back on the radio! Cheers me up no end. And my last books arrived which means I have lots to take in and read again. Some are for my study and some are for pleasure, but ALL were in the sale!!!
Sue xx

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