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Monday, 24 January 2011

Early doors

Awake with the lark this morning!! Sitting at the computer at 06.15 which is absurd but I had things I needed to do before school. And I am not sure whether the wallpapering is happening today, and since he is my neighbour, he usually starts work at 7am! Don't want to be in my jimjams!!!
Yesterday we had our study group and it all went really well; back to normal. It has given me some work to do this week, so that is useful, and I enjoyed our discussions etc.
In the middle of the night I woke up to find myself singing The Phantom in my dreams, and lo and behold, when I opened my mailbox, there was the sheet music for Music of the Night - and in English!! In my dream I was singing it with the choir, in Dutch, and I was crying!! Our conductor had said we were going to sing it in Dutch and  I really didn't want to, so what a relief when I read those beautiful, familiar words this morning! I didn't realise it was bothering me quite so much.....oh, and later on I was with our Queen on a royal tour, and we were looking at fantastic pictures that were painted but also encrusted with embroidered jewels..............I suspect that is my subconscious playing with me for watching Antiques roadshow and the design on our cushion and my current obsession with decorating and BALANCE!!!!
Before I forget, Countryfile at 8pm next Sunday is coming from South Yorkshire so must watch that! I am sure they will show places we know well, such as the pass and the moors, and the Strines.......
Today is Monday which is generally housework day -( remember the old rhyme "todays Monday, todays Monday, Monday is washing day, is everybody happy? You bet your life we are")!!!! So better get on, and start the day on the right foot. You too.
Sue xx

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