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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Book lover

There are just so many that I have got my sights set on right now!! Can one ever have enough I wonder...I was looking into the kindle books on Amazon yesterday but although it offers free downloads, because I am not in the UK, this doesn't apply to me! How wrong is that?!! I can download the kindle onto the computer but that is as far as I get.  I fancy the idea of the digital book thingys that I see people taking with them on holiday etc. I am not really a gadget fan but the thought of having so many books in one simple device that can easily fit into the rucksack does appeal to me............maybe I will be slowly converted, who knows? I have never got into the library book lending, being someone who has to own her books. Having them around me is important to my happiness apparently.

I read about a therapy yesterday that I plan to try; never heard of it before, have you?
"Thought-field Therapy". It seems to involve tapping your body in a certain order which in turn taps into the sensitive areas of the body as in reflexology etc. In the Daily Mail online Paul Mckenna talks about how he can make anyone more happy..............and he talks about this technique in his book extract. It sounds plausible, so I think it is something I might try this week and if it works for me, share with my study group. They will either have heard of it already or think I have finally cracked!!! ;-) Maybe it is the name that attracts me..................

On a sad note, the actor Pete Postlethwaite died yesterday. He was such a superb actor, a genuinely nice, unassuming man, and he was too young to die. He was suffering from cancer and he died in the hospital in Shropshire, where he lived. RIP Pete.

It is snowing again in England AND there was an earthquake in Yorkshire yesterday!!! Talking about the weird and wonderful freak weather that is around the globe at the moment, this is getting a little bit too close to home! Looking outside it seems ok here this morning though the cars are frosted over again. I am off to the hairdressers this morning and planning to cycle there and back. Diet went well yesterday so got to keep up the good work. I think my current goal is my birthday at the end of next month. What would I like to be before then?..............I think 5 kilos less than I am right now ought to be possible. More if I can. Deal?

Just listening to Radio 2 and a fabulous new song............wonder who sings it?...
Sue xx

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