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Thursday, 20 January 2011

eyes not focussing yet!

Aah.....I ought to be a dormouse! I cannot function on lack of sleep - my tolerance being between 8 and 10 hours per night ( a lot, I know), and last night was round about 4 hours before the first getting up, another 2.5 before I needed to think, speak and listen, and another 2.5 before I even dared attempt to get out of bed!! Now I know that adds up to 9, but take away from that the fact that it takes me ages to get back into deep sleep, and we have only around 6, tops. It's now 10.30am and I feel so sluggish and tired and only half awake still, so. Concentrate Suzanne! I am drinking coffee in an attempt to trick my body into believing it has had a good shot of caffeine ( I drink de-caf) so that I can make a start on the chores of the day. Beginning with some fresh air I believe!!!!
The reason for my late night is our committee visit to another choir to see whether we might be willing to join forces with them and save  us all from having to stop. I have mixed feelings about it to be truthful, but it was wonderful to spend an evening singing my favourite songs from the musicals - amongst others, being part of a mixed voice choir, and just flying by the seat of my pants as it was all about sight-reading as we went along. A sort of scratch night out Ineke!!!!  Tonight it is our choir meeting so we have to share our feedback with the rest of the committee and conductor etc and see where that takes us. I feel the other choir is very keen and they have certainly got great voices and a good quality sound..............it is one of those things when on the surface it all seems easy and problems are to overcome, parties are willing to co-operate.....and then it goes to a deeper level and the real issues surface and the stumbling blocks appear. The ultimate question is:- what is everyone willing to sacrifice in order to survive? And that applies in every single situation in this life from being castaway on a desert island to denying you know someone if you are put on the spot and it suits you to turn Judas ( to give extreme examples). Human nature is complex after all, but we always want to survive. Oh I am getting maudlin - time to hit the road!!!
Sue x

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