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Friday, 26 February 2010

Another birthday approaches

So, this weekend is my birthday. A whole 365 days after the last one!!! And what a difference a year makes, right? Last year my best friends were here and Becci and a whole host of other friends and neighbours, and this year I think it will sneak by without so much as a whisper. I have such mixed feelings about it if I am honest. There are people I would love to celebrate it with, who cannot be here, and there are others who are able to find the time to say hello at some point over the weekend, and I am happy about that of course. But I think I am already wondering where I will be in another years time, and how I will be spending that birthday.............it seems to me reading Ali Edwards ambitious project involving photographing an entire year of her family's life, that maybe I ought to start taking snaps this Sunday, just so I can record this coming milestone in my life. Maybe a couple a week would be the right way to go, so if that is the case, then I am in need of a suitable album!!! I love all those pockets in hers that mean no photo has to be huge, and that they can be filled with relevant information in just a few minutes. I have to read her posts more carefully to see how it is really done!!
These last two weeks I have worked my socks off, and I am totally cream-crackered. I have a very low blood pressure/pulse rate so I tend to have high energy levels in the morning that peter out to virtually nothing around 3pm, and gradually fade away as the evening wears on. I start to yawn at work after tea, and gaze into fresh air from that point onwards!! You want anything from me, ask before lunch time!!! At this point I am feeling rather woozy and woolly around the edges, so concentration is difficult. It is almost 8pm!!! Too early for bed for most people but I am seriously thinking about when I can be snugged up in my bed, and falling fast asleep! Maybe in a former life I was a hamster?............or a cat?................dormouse, even?
Sue xx

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