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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Friday on my mind..

Yesterday was a long working day for me, and I went directly afterwards to the Open Evening at the Horizon College in Heerhugowaard where Tim wants to do his baking diploma this year. It was interesting talking to the tutor about it all - the costs (!!!!!) and what it entails etc but I still think Tim prefers to do one day school and the rest with a baker so he has to try and find one to take him on!! Been telling him this for so long now already, but y'know kids...they know better and mum is an old fusspot! We went for a Chinese meal afterwards as it was too late to think about cooking really, and that was nice too. Only when we came out, Peter reversed into a lamppost by the restaurant, and just ever so gently 'touched' it ( long Volvo, not much room etc). Unfortunately there was a police car also sitting outside the restaurant so a policewoman came and talked to him about it...........and then breathalyze'd him!!! He had not had much to drink so there was no problem thank goodness and no damage done to car or post so we went on our way!! It would have been so frustrating for him otherwise I imagine. I spoke to Becci in the evening, when I was already in bed! and she sounded as though she could do with some cheering up, so I promised to see whether I could go and visit her soon. I was hoping for this month, but I have too many days to work and I cannot get free when I wanted to go. Disappointing for us both! But March looks better so maybe I can find something then. I will look, Becs!!! What we need are discounts on flights and now!!!!!
Busy day ahead for me so going to take my shower and start it off feeling fresh and dandy!
Sue xx

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