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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

And this is what I think today..........

This morning I woke up feeling rather groggy from too little sleep and a sore throat and headache, but I had to work so it was a case of dosing myself up with medicine and out into the cold morning air! Brr!! It is certainly colder again!
Work was fine since several of our clients are also sick at the moment and the group was reasonably quiet. One of our clients is not herself at the moment and that was so sad to see. She knows that things aren't quite right, but can't understand that it is all going to be alright again and that she just has to be patient for a while...............I really felt for her today.
Finka has got anti-biotics for her cold now as it is not getting any better without them. Poor thing, she must think we are being so cruel to her expecting her to have salve in her eyes and now tablets too!!! Genghis is snuggled down in her basket again this evening with her, so I think I can safely say that he will be from now on!!
Lieke, my son's girlfriend passed her scooter test first time with only 5 mistakes today. She learnt for it though, which is something Tim fails to do properly each time, so maybe, just maybe he will see that it can be achieved if one studies hard enough!! He goes again on Monday so I am just praying that she can inspire him to do the same as she did.................
Got my CD today and have been getting it onto my ipod etc. Plan on listening to it in bed later on this evening. I have been trying to find a suitable song for Valentines Day, and I think I have found it! I was browsing several other blogs this week and listening to favourite love songs chosen by other people, and I thought it was a good idea to select one for my own blog. So on Sunday I will upload it for all you lovers everywhere!!!! I bought a card whilst I was in England at Christmas time, so no worries there........I am a true romantic and celebrate it every year one way or another! I see myself buying my own flowers this year however...........but what the heck, I can have my own little slice of romance with a good book or a film or some music I enjoy, and that bottle of wine and chocolates....mmmn, all sound good to me!!
Becci and I are still debating where to go together. Her latest suggestion is Berlin, and although it is probably convenient it does not exactly light my fire, so I feel we should carry on searching for the ideal destination. Istanbul was the suggestion from my work today. Anyone got any other ideas? Just to see somewhere we have never been........my vote still goes to Stockholm, Becs!!!
Sue xx

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