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Monday, 15 February 2010

Bike fixed at long last!!

Having looked at my son's bike laying upside down in the garage for weeks now, half -heartedly having been taken apart and in the process of repairing inner tubes etc. and in the spirit of solidarity today, I called the mobile bike repairer to come and totally fix it!!! Ann had suggested him to me as it is a lot more convenient that getting it to a shop etc. and I was glad she did. Everything has been put back together again - even the lock is back on it - and it ought to be perfect once more. The cost was reasonable too I felt, so all in all, I am satisfied. Hopefully Tim will now leave me to ride my bike in peace!! As the weather improves I have to start riding it again because it is good for me and I enjoy the solitude when I am on it. Just me and my ipod! The wind in my face, the cows in the fields, the cars racing by...............luvverly!
Sue xx

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