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Saturday, 13 February 2010

feeling better now

Well ,or rather as well as can be expected but not fully recovered would be a better description. I have a headache still and my throat is sore when I swallow but the rest is okay. 'Mustn't crumble"!!!
Sitting here with my son downloading music for his girlfriends Valentines Day CD. Nice actually because he has used some of my favourites as well as letting me hear some good ones he listens to, so we are 'sharing and bonding' my friends!!! When I collected him from his work we trotted off to the florist for 'the red rose', and some delicious bon bons all wrapped up in a red box and I think he appreciated that having a job enables him to make these decisions for himself, rather than being dependent on others. He looked quite pleased when he was handed the large red rose in perfect packing! Mummy was proud too.
Still feels cold ( or maybe that is just me) here so I think it is time for tea. My scrap room is always on the coldish side anyway, but when I am working I don't tend to notice it that much I guess. Bye!
Sue xx

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