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Sunday, 14 February 2010


I just wanted to share one of my favourite blogs with you.
It is called 3191.visualblogging.com and is kept by two friends who live 3191 miles apart from one another. They take photos of their everyday lives, one a day, and the first year turned into a Book of Mornings. I have this and have also given it to various friends as presents, but there is also a Book of Evenings which I would dearly love to own too, and now they are on the third run. This time they write a little along with every photo, which they didn't do before, and I am loving it just as much as always. Such beautiful images, and given that they are just ones you or I could take every day if we took the time to view our worlds in a different way, it is awe inspiring. I am so impressed with them every time I go to their blog - wonderful!
Sue xx

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